5-star service!


We get it. It’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met. We can talk all day about how we’ll protect you from the car salespeople, but how can you be sure we’ll really have your best interests at heart? Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our clients have said about us, and feel more confident that you’re working with a true partner. Every client we’ve worked with has rated us 5-stars!

This is my new fave service, and I am never going back to the dealership. Timely, efficient, and I know 100% Advantage saved me a bunch of money. Thank you! I am telling my friends, and will be back.
– Sarah, Winnipeg

Great service and advice. Whether you are buying a car or just looking to have your existing car serviced Brad will save you both time and money. He is our official “car guy”. Highly recommend his services to anyone with a vehicle finding themselves short on time.
– Norwood Chiropractic

First stress-free vehicle purchase I made in my life! If you want a professional, knowledgeable and courteous service that finds you the car that’s right for you Brad is the guy to contact! No irritating or condescending sales people/no high pressure/no hours spent researching/skip the unintelligible feature speak that compares apples to oranges/save the hours driving around to various dealerships/pass on the awkward short test drives/and skip the bad coffee,…. Brad takes away all that pain and lets you focus on the parts that matter to you, a vehicle that fits your lifestyle. This is the way to buy a car in the 21st century.
– Ruth, Winnipeg

I don’t know why anyone would buy a car without using Brad. Even if he didn’t save me any money (which he did), the time and hassle saved are priceless. I was dreading buying a car but Brad actually made the process fun. After meeting with me and hearing what I wanted, he steered me in the right direction. The car I ended up buying (and loving) was one he suggested that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. He brought all test drives to my office and I got to keep them overnight (driving in rush hour, parking in my own garage, etc.). The process of actually purchasing the car was hassle-free, and now he’s giving me tons of support post-purchase, including helping me sell my old car. Thanks Brad!
–Erica, Winnipeg

This service, hands down, was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Brad couldn’t have made the process of purchasing a new vehicle more convenient. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, and I appreciated having an impartial expert who was willing to give me honest advice and information that I would have never even considered had I done this by myself. I saved a ton time and money off the cost of my new SUV, and I’m positive I would STILL be out there looking if I hadn’t had Brad’s help.
–Hayley, Winnipeg

Who knew buying a car could be so simple! Brad helped narrow down what I needed and wanted, arranged extended test drives of multiple cars, negotiated the deal, delivered my car to my door and continues to answer any questions I have about my new Elantra. He went above and beyond.No stress, no shopping around, no salespeople to deal with, no pressure. Quick and painless. Wonderful service!
–Aquila, Winnipeg

I had a wonderful experience using the services of Advantage Vehicle Purchasing. Brad is extremely helpful, kind and knowledgeable. I got a car with great value, wonderful features and it was a painless experience. Brad answered all my questions and is still offering his help, post-purchase. I could never go back to purchasing a vehicle the old-fashioned way after dealing with Brad. He rocks!
– Nicole, Winnipeg

Superb service. Superb value. Because the mere idea of shopping for cars gives me hives, I was overjoyed to find out what Brad could provide. He delivered exactly what he promised. We talked over the sort of car and price-range I had in mind. He showed up in my driveway with cars to test drive. Once the choice had been made, he did all of the paperwork. I didn’t have to visit a dealer or go to MPI. He’s even helped me with a couple of things after the car was delivered — and he charged me less than 2% of the price of my car. Furthermore, he negotiated a deal for me that saved me more money than he charged. No hives. No nausea. No sleeplessness. No net cost. Instead, a very positive experience with a great result. In the end my choice turned out to be a no-brainer. I highly recommend him to anyone who isn’t thrilled by the anxiety and labour that most people have to go through when buying a car.
– Carl, Winnipeg

What a great service! Brad helped tremendously throughout the car buying process – delivering exactly what was promised. He’s very knowledgeable across all makes and models – no need to pick and choose what dealership you go into. We worked through a ‘needs analysis’, this helped both of us work towards narrowing down the type of vehicle I really need. For me, this was something with basic options, and towing capabilities. Brad was upfront about impacts of going over one option or another. He even measured my garage to determine if the vehicle I was looking would actually fit! One great advantage going with Advantage VPS is the longer test drives; scrap the 10 minute test drive with a sales guy sitting next to you…. I had one truck for a full 24 hours and even drove it to work to see how it felt in rush hour traffic! Another truck I had for an entire afternoon/evening. Both times, Brad dropped the vehicle off at my house; I didn’t have to go anywhere to get setup. When it came time to get a deal done, Brad did all the negotiating for me. All I had to do was sign the paperwork! I would definitely recommend this service for anyone looking to buy a vehicle!
– Mike, Winnipeg