Our Services

Vehicle Purchasing Service  |  $699

Buying a new or used car? We’ll be your personal car shopper and take care of everything from research all the way through to insurance.

We’ll save you time: We work on your schedule. Take your time. View as many brands and models as you need, to feel confident buying a car. You’ll save about 12 hours by avoiding dealerships.
We’ll save you money: On average, we save our clients $1700. Add that to the dealership incentives and not paying dealership fees, and the savings are much more than that. 
We’ll save you hassle: We take the dealership out of the equation. We bring you extended test drives without anyone in the backseat.
The Advantage: We meet with you for a free needs analysis. You test drive as many cars as you need to. Once you make your decision, we will negotiate with the dealership, deal with MPI and deliver your new car, ready to drive!

There is no time limit and we won’t increase your rate based on the amount of time we spend with you. We want to ensure you receive the right vehicle and the best possible service. Reach out to us, book your free Needs Analysis and learn the true value we provide.  


The Vehicle Purchasing process can be broken down into five specific steps:

Use one service, or combine a few. Services can be combined at any time throughout the process. Combine two or more services to save 10%. If you choose to upgrade, the entire Vehicle Purchasing Service package above is $699 (a savings of $97). If you deal with us, we’ll make sure you don’t pay dealership fees, which could save you hundreds!

Vehicle Concierge  |  $45

Need an oil change or a service appointment? We’ll pick your car up on our trailer, take it to the appointment and bring it back by the end of the day*.

We’ll save you time: No more shuttles from and to the dealership. We shuttle your car instead of you.
We’ll save you money: We prevent over-servicing of vehicles, which can save you a lot of money.
We’ll save you hassle: We work with the service department on your behalf and make recommendations to you based on your manufacturer, not the dealership.
The Advantage: We keep track of your vehicle’s needs and history and let you know when your next service appointment is due. We’ll make sure your recalls are handled and make sure your warranty stays intact. 
  * If service is completed within the same day. Oil changes are always same-day.

Vehicle Selling Consultant  |  $499

Although we cannot sell your old car for you, we sure can help with everything else. We’ll get you a CarProof Vehicle History, set up the Manitoba Safety Inspection**, take professional photos, tailor a write-up and give it a Priority Listing with Kijiji and AutoTrader. We will then handle the phone inquiries and book appointments between you and the potential buyer.
We’ll save you time: We handle the calls and questions, and we’ll book appointments with potential buyers, based on your schedule.
We’ll save you money: We help you get more money for your vehicle by making small recommendations that can add up to a better sale price.
We’ll save you hassle: We worry about taking all the right photos, doing the write-up and fielding phone calls when you sell your vehicle. 
The Advantage: We make your car ad stand out in a really competitive landscape. We teach you what you need to know to get the most out of your old vehicle. 
** Manitoba Safety Inspection cost not included.

Prices above do not include taxes. 
A deposit of 50% is required before work begins.

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